Friday, March 14, 2014

This is My Destini - UiTM Sentiasa DiHATIKu

Finally i'm doing my internship program at UiTM Shah Alam.. I really need to be sooo discipline in here.. Tempat belajar la katekan...hehehe cehh kononlar~
Btw this is my first time working at department of Institute of Business Excellence in UiTM, since 2008 msuk UiTM not even once I heard bout this department.. Ala2 super secret department kot or sbb mmg ade 1je utk seluruh UiTM.. yup that's it.  Basically im still learning on the operation of this department, alhamdulillah my boss is awesome and very understanding... Perhaps I'm looking much to make my life more challenging (cari berpuluh2 tmpat praktikal kan...huwaaa) whereas my destiny wasn't that bad....(kje kat IBE) heeeee =)
Yang pasti im not at the management line n probably i'm gonna get a valuable experience in here... hopefully~

Staff ta rmai, office selesa and sesejuk sesangat... and and and all the lecturers, PROFS. DRS. are the regular visitor in this department.. meaning to be IM SOOOO DEAD...heenggg :( dah la ta knal sgt dorg ni... takut tersalah address.. some people get mad ok, pepenat haku setadi kat lua united kingdom of lion.. sesenang je ko pgil aku puan or encik...hehehehe.. (setakat ni ta jmpel lagi la.. org camtu alhamdulillah~)
Kalo curi2 dgar tntang discussion mereka2 ini.. tudiaaa sophisticated sgt untuk diexplain... but 1 je yang JELAS.. 

Most of UiTM Lecturers are the best, because they can't stop thinking bout how to improve the education systems by doing researchhhhhhhh non-stop oke.... I can see that they were clearly busy with their duties plus thesis but dorg still na tambah2 kerja lagi buat program sane sini. for students, staff and even public.. TABIK SPRING with all of them...
One day am I going to be like that too..?? hmm, I hope I can do better..hihi bukan nak overconfident tp target kne lebih rite??

Whatever it is.. kepada junior2 akakk(sore sesengau seket) that were about to having ur internship next semester... PLEASE100X make a serious preparation by getting an earlier confirmation with the company that you're interested to work with.... kalo takkk??? WELCOME TO UiTM ye...heeeee :) but then, for those who are really committed to UiTM DIHATI KAU SELAMANYA.. you can straight away apply utk intern kat dalam UiTM...mcam saya sekarang ini... heyy its not that bad kay... saje nak petik kata2 dari Prof. Haslina- UiTM Puncak Alam "You'll never know, how better experience the student who practical in UiTM as compared to those who work in the industry".. Ni nasihat yang pnah dye bagi kat saya semasa dalam usaha pencarian bakat aritu hahhahaha.. nolar mse cari tempat intern lar....

Ppe pn ta sabau na buat research... hoyeehh
Hidup perlu diteruskan, doa perlu terus dipanjatkan #prayforPASSANGERMH370 

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