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The Master's Sun - Scary Romantic Comedy

This drama is just aweeeesommeeeeeemmmmmhhhhh~ Rugi tak tengok~
Wanna know why?? hehe.. because the scaredy cat like me could actually watch this kind of moviee....yeepiii
I am SERIOUS~ to anyone yg mmg penakut sangat2 tu you are absolutely need to watch this movie hehe~
I think the cast was just nice and the ghost was superb was scary though~ first, although it was scary BUT~ it was soooo FUNNY~ trust me! Its just like watching Phee Mak in Modern Korean Drama version..hehehehe

The Character of Gong Hyo Jin as Tae Gang Sil was very fun to watch because of her messiness and uncontrollable of ghost that approaching her everyday, although she could talk to them, but still she was soft girl who scared to ghost... Luckily she found the handsome and rich Mr. Shelter which is So Ji Sub as Joo Joong Won and the story getting exciting from day to day including the GHOST~ muahhahahaaaarrr

But I think most of the ghost in this drama are funny and sometimes cute~ am I insane now??  I guess this is my bravest entry hewhewhew..  The make up and editing was cool~

Jom berkenalan dengan ghost actress and actor~
I sort it from my favorite character...hehehehe I am their fan what...jangan mara~ 


He was sooooooo cute~! I really don't know why am I saying this but his character was very naughty and always bothering Gong Shil for coffee. 

The actor has charming smile and wearing the school uniform.. how sad he's so young~ 

Btw he was very addicted to coffee and he watch over Tae Gong Sil on behalf of somebody. 

He is a harmless ghost and keep smiling throughout this drama. He wants nothing but coffee.

Ahahaha comel~!


The three kids who died because of abuse. Same case but different parents.. it was really sad..huww~

They agreed to thrive in the doll and collect the soul of other kids who died due to the same fate as them.

Please do not abuse the kids they are so precious... Not all people have the ability to have a child.

They are gift from Allah as penyejuk mata...

so, please do appreciate them.

No. 3- Chaa Hee Joo. 

She is the main character among the ghost.  She was the girlfriend of Joo Jong Won who died in a car accident while trying to escape from the authority after kidnapping her boyfriend Joo Jong Won with her accomplice.

She seeks Joo Jong Won forgiveness and to reveal the big secret. 

She appears from time to time during the whole duration of the series through the eyes of Tae Gong Sil, the only person who can see her. 
Even so, she was so cute and pretty and I like the phrase Jo Joong one, two, three ~ very cute!


She's the wife of a well known pianist. She just can't leave the world because her husband who is too much dependent on her is holding her to stay. She approached her husband by possessing Taeyang's body to let her go and let her rest in peace. This part where I really laughing terribly.. u know why??
The ghost said to the husband " It's not that you can't do anything without me, but you are too lazy~"
kah3.. well that was damn funny~! even with the sad looking.....hahahahhar

The ghost is so cute run away bride.  She left the handsome soccer player and came back during his wedding with the famous model. She could not just leave the earth without saying sorry to him and without encouraging him to keep on playing as this what makes him happy.


 He look like shemale...hahaha but scary lol~
She's looking out for those girls who are too obsessed of feeling beauty and she will stick to her and whisper something to make a woman more obsess with beauty and become more vain.


The cutest guest ghost of the show, the ghost of the dog named Pil Seung who dances to the tune of Nobody. He is a military dog who died under euthanasia. His master, a military student, was too depressed for loosing the dog, run away from the military school and attempted to commit suicide. Of course, Pil Seung would never allow that to happen, so his ghost reappear and through the help of Joo Joong Won, the ghost of the dog saves his life's master.


 The sad boy named Woo Jin. He died after being hit by a car. As there is no witness, the driver covered up the accident by hiding the boy's dead boy. He is sad for his mother because his mother went looking for him everywhere until exhaustion and depression. All he wants is justice for his death and for his body to be found by his mother.


The most controversial ghost of all, the ghost of CEO of giant mall. He was found dead in one of their rest houses in the midst of a room of a woman which suspected to be his mistress. The soul could not simply rest in peace because he has no mistress. He wants to divulge the biggest secret that he has been carrying since then, that he maybe a man who everybody respected, but his heart is a heart of a woman.


 This is the ghost of Kang Jil. She's not yet dead anyway. She's under comatose. Her soul decided not to go back to her body because her life as a ghost is way better than the real one. She can stay in the hotel, read magazines, eat anything she wants and watch fireworks in the pool side as a ghost. But after being persuaded by Taeyang, she goes back to her body and woke up with her family waiting for her.


Let me introduce you to Halmoni Ghost. She is the first ghost to appear in the whole series. She can't rest in peace because she was not able to turn over her money which she secretly keeps to her children. She asks Tae Gong Sil to help her give the money to her family to at least use for her funeral.

 The brat kid, Ji Woon. He died because of a disease. He died deprived of the freedom to make friends, to go out and do what other teenagers are doing. That is because he has a very sensitive disease and that is also the reason why he died at an early age. The soul could not transport because he died unmarried. His rich grandmother hired Madam Go to find a soul of a woman that could fit in to Ji Woon's and organize a wedding of their souls. Ji Woon does not like that idea because he is waiting for that one special girl that he met. His soul will only be at peace if he will get a chance to talk to that girl.


Of all the ghosts, I can relate to this ghost of a student who died after being hit by a car. Her name is Eun Sool. She was in the mall with her three friends when she was suddenly told to go home because they just don't want to be with her. With a heavy heart, she left the mall and crossed the highway while crying. She got hit by a car and she died on the spot. She returned as a ghost not to hunt or revenge her friends but to let them know that they don't need to feel sorry for her death. She's not blaming anybody because it was just an accident and that she just want to completely leave without making feel anybody guilty.


The ghost of Choi Yoon Hee who died in a car accident after running away from her boyfriend. She caught her boyfriend cheating on her and that she heard his plan of getting her out of the way. Choi Yoon Hee is a daughter of a rich businesswoman, apparently her boyfriend wants nothing but her wealth. Her soul could not live peacefully because she is worried for her mom. She just wants to protect her mother against the evil plan of her boyfriend.

The last but not the least, my favorite ghost of all, the trash can ghost. He is a ghost that does not move at all. If there is "A man who can't be moved", this one is "A ghost that can't be moved". He stays in front of this trash can and won't move at all. This is the trash can where he accidentally threw the winning lottery ticket. He wants to get it back, but he couldn't find it anymore. He died from depression because of that.


 The jar ghost. He is the ghost who can control somebody's attitude. If you feel like appreciating a jar as expensive piece of art, you will become arrogant, self centered and you will be over powered with pride.

This drama boleh mengubah persepsi kita2 yang penakot ni  to be more strong and think positively~

Eventhough in reality it is going to be really nerves-wrecking but.... Joong Won cakap we need to use mind control to reduce the nervousness...

As a muslim, makhluk halus memang wujud but it can't harm us.. only Allah is the most powerful and we shall not worried because Allah sentiasa backup hamba2nya especially yang memohon pertolongan darinya...

So, instead of takut yang melampau2 try to control your mind and ask for help from Allah~

Sekian sahaja ceramah saya pada hari ini... 

We should never denied their existence because they are always there among us~ huwweeeeeee~
Happy Watching~

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