Sunday, March 24, 2013

WheelLife 2013 New Edition

|2013 Ltd. Ed.|

BOLEY KE IDOK??? hihihi... Finally I've done mendeko-deko this blog RODA..! hihi
Nothing much i guest.. still x heavy mne pn... biase lar manusia,, dah cantik camaner pn still rse tak puas hati.. nak cucuk sane, nak upgrade sini...

As for me..its already mencapai tahap KPI
(kepuasan pada I)....huhuw(gary,haha, jongkok)

But it is undeniable that your bloghouse is better than me.... tahniah3~

From now on... i'd like to be a serious blogger...! boley ke idok???
(acah je lebey, t ble da oberdose ke mane wheel pon ke mane? hehe)

Its just the feeling of regret becoz I stopped blogging since 2009... hurrhhhh..
sgt rugi... yeah, maybe that time I am still not very fit in with this kind of things....

TETAPI.. kali ini saya akan mencoba yang terbaek...ahah! (tangan berikrar)
To all beautiful and handsome bloggers who kindly park their precious eyes to read this wheellife bloggy... Thank you so much, Insyaallah the never ending of Chillove always with you guys~


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