Friday, March 22, 2013

My Not So New Semester...

The starting of new semester sometimes make us embrace new spirit... So, there is a few things that should be renew too~

  • Pointer target (deanlist)
  • Class attendance(minimize skipping class)
  • Buying books (not just slide note)
  • Participate in class(not just with jokes but with knowledge)
  • Fully understand this semester courses (dont just memorize it)
  • Involves actively in society(not just a lame member but reliable to do task given)
  • Get new friends (not just in social media, but in real life)
  • Do not waste much time(force urself bfore the urge forcing you)
  • Exercise regularly (maintain a healthy body, dont fall sick ok ^^)
  • Enjoy study (study mood and jolly mood with buddies)
  • Collecting memorable picture (on every event u commit)
  • Dont forget to be ABSOLUTELY AWESOME...!!!
Obviously there is a lot more things to be renewed.... As for me this is part of my checklist :)

Hoping that I could change.... Because "Flower Blooms more than Once"


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